Upon the World of Norrath, there beats a steady rhythm of Honor, Pride, Integrity and Trust....
Behind Our Walls, this rhythm is not forgotten. It has Never faded, and it never shall....
Step inside our gates, and learn what it means to be a true friend, a companion, and an asset to a family built upon Love, Loyalty, Trust and Friendship...
We are The Spirit Callers...
The spirit of love, laughter, fellowship and unity has called you to us...
Now come inside, we have been expecting you...

Welcome, Spirit Callers!


Website Under Construction
As you may have guessed, the website is currently undergoing some serious changes. 
If you have questions or comments you can direct them via email to: admin at spiritcallers dot org.  

UPDATE: Kat has set up a temporary website for the time being (thanks to Inqy from STO!
She stole the idea from him!)

Please review the following link.  If everyone likes it, we will make this our new site!
This service has everything we need, and is cheaper.
Cheaper is GOOD!

If you like feel free to register and post.  If in 7 days we have favorable
response, that site will go live.


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